Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform for independent companies. Most borrowers are eBay dealers and other online independent companies. Bitbond is controlled by Bitbond GmbH, a German organization that encourages loans all through the world. As of March 2016, Bitbond had 23,000 clients and had financed more than 1,100 loans. The commercial center interfaces investors and borrowers and encourages loans of up to $10,000. Borrowers can meet all requirements for interest rates as low as 7.7% and start fees run from 1% to 3%.

How Does Bitbond Work?

Bitbond influences investors to enhance their portfolio by investing in bitcoin loans all through the world. Borrowers get low interest loans with great terms and get the fulfillment of getting a loan without the need of a bank.

Get Business Loans at Low Interest Rate Now!

The initial phase in Bitbond’s lending procedure is to play out a credit rating of all borrowers. Bitbond’s appraising goes from A (the most noteworthy) to F. Once rated, borrowers list a venture on the commercial center. Investors at that point pick which postings they are interested in and loan as meager as BTC 0.01 ($4 as of March 2016) per loan. A posting has a greatest of 14 days to get financing, yet the closeout will end when the sum asked for is come to. Loans are subsidized as long as investors finance at least 60% of the required sum.

Borrowers can have a greatest of one loan at any given moment.

What Are Bitbond’s Interest Rates?

Interest rates fluctuate contingent upon the creditworthiness of every borrower. Bitbond does not distribute a scope of APR rates, but rather interest rates can be as low as 7.7% (as of March 2016) and as high as 25%.

Bitbond charges borrowers a 1% to 3% start expense. The cost differs relying upon the length of the term. An a month and a half loan has a 1% start expense, yet a 60-month loan has a 3% beginning charge. There are no other moneylender fees or prepayment fees.

The amount of Money Can I Borrow From Bitbond?

Borrowers can apply for loan measures of up to $10,000.

How Is Bitbond’s Application Process?

Borrowers should first open a record with Bitbond. Simply give your full name and email address. Bitbond will send you an email with a connection. Finish the short application shape. The platform will check your credit profile and give you a rating of A to F, contingent upon your credit history, kind of business, income, customer rating, et cetera.

How Is Bitbond Better Than Other Lenders?

  1. Bitbond enables investors to broaden their portfolio globally
  2. It has aggressive rates and low beginning fees
  3. The commercial center will process loan postings where investors have supported 60% of the loan sum
  4. Investors can naturally contribute their assets without any fees
  5. Application process is fast and simple to finish

Today we will investigate an organization named Bitbond. What is Bitbond about? Is it a trick or a genuine organization? Will it be something for you or not? These are a portion of the inquiries we will concentrate on. Got an inclination this one will be VERY interesting so we should go!

Organization: Bitbondbitbond audit


Proprietor: Radoslav Albrecht (Founder and CEO)

Value: FREE to join

Least speculation: $2

Who is it for: Investors and additionally loaners

General rating: (5/5)

What is Bitbond about?

Bitbond, established by the CEO Radoslav Albrecht is plain and straightforward an organization where you can contribute as well as take a loan. You can do this effectively and rapidly with no intricacies. The organization has been a colossal achievement the most recent 4 years, simply take a gander at their insights and you can without much of a stretch comprehend why.

How can it work?

An agreement gets made between the borrower and the bank (or loan specialists) to acquire a particular measure of Bitcoins. The loans can have a span between a month and a half as far as possible up to 5 years.

The borrowers get a rating before they can distribute their loan ask. To get a rating they have to check their personality, the rating is likewise in view of their money related evaluation.

To have the capacity to get financed, the loan ask for is distributed in the Bitbond commercial center where moneylenders can put offers amid a sale. The loan ask for is up on the commercial center for up to 14 days.

The two borrowers and loan specialists get a payment plan that will be shown in their part’s region and individual record after a sale has completed effectively.

Plain and straightforward:

Bitbond use on the bitcoin innovation and payment network, and have made the world’s first global market for private company loans.

This is something that would not be conceivable in the customary managing an account framework since it would take (Way to) long time and would be approach to costly.

Would this be able to be the most ideal approach to get an independent venture loan? It completely appears like it!

Would you be able to profit?

You can, obviously, earn substantial sums of money with this, there is no restriction, you can contribute as much as you prefer.

The arrival rates are great at Bitbond, and all the more essentially, this is a route for you to add another easy revenue stream to your arms stockpile. You can never have an excessive number of those.

In particular and the best thing: this isn’t some “otherworldly super mystery proviso” or any sort of horse crap that way, those are everywhere throughout the web online as HYIPs and Ponzis, not something I would prescribe… without a doubt… However.

More insights

  1. Bitbond is the genuine article and it is just showing signs of improvement.
  2. Simply take a gander at some of their insights and there you will most likely observe a splendid future ahead.
  3. To see more insights tap the photo beneath (opens in new window)
  4. Protected, Simple, shoddy and not entangled
  5. Amazing business thought
  6. You are in complete control


Is Bitbond a Scam?

Things being what they are, is Bitbond a trick? In no way, shape or form, this is a genuine organization with an awesome service that I am certain will make many individuals cheerful all around the globe. It can work as another automated revenue stream for you or it can likewise be the place that causes you with the additional money related help you may requirement for your own business thought.

Why should you(or ought NOT) join Bitbond?

As I said over, this isn’t for everybody. This is for you in the event that you are interested into investing or on the off chance that you are hoping to get a loan.

Last words and decision on Bitbond

Decision: Legit!

General rating: (5/5)

I think I have made my point entirely clear, this is a magnificent organization and the rating is a main one! You can begin investing for as low as $2 so this is really an open door for eveyone.

It is extremely incredible to at last observe a genuine bitcoin investing site that isn’t some sort of Hyip or Ponzi conspire.

The phony locales are wherever online so it feels great to locate a 100% genuine one and make an audit on it as it doesn’t occur each day.

I imagine that totals everything up quite great, you are ready with this organization as they are totally straightforward with everything and there are no hyips, ponzis, mambo jambo claims and such things.

Plain and basic, this is an extraordinary organization!

Snap here to join for FREE!

I trust you discovered this short audit of Bitbond to be useful and now you ought to have a superior comprehension about what it is and on the off chance that it is something for you or not. In the event that you are a dynamic customer, please share your involvement with us in the remark segment beneath as it can help other people. Likewise, in the event that you got any inquiries concerning this audit I will gladly answer them beneath!

Why I’m composing this Bitbond survey ?

I did a bit of uncovering to discover which platform offered the best service, and chose to run with Bitbond, after I saw they had been highlighted in Lend Academy. They spend significant time in bitcoin loans for private ventures. This is a p2p lending area that is developing fast and one that I find especially alluring. Other bitcoin lending platforms concentrate on payday and individual loans which have a tendency to have higher default rates and which are more dangerous.

Keeping in mind the end goal to discover more about the area and Bitbond particularly, I chose to compose this first Bitbond audit.


A loan posting on Bitbond

Since the borrowers on Bitbond are essentially little web based business businesses, their borrowers are business people who have associated a few online networking and eCommerce accounts.

I especially like that I can look at the eBay shops of borrowers, as I tend to trust a lot of positive customer criticism more than the quantity of companions on facebook, or Twitter supporters a borrower may have. In the meantime this is data that you can not discover on any of the customary p2p lending platforms to the extent I know.

Bitbond Review

In the screenshot appeared above, you can see that this borrower from Kentucky, has 2315 positive audits on eBay. For me, that is a flag that this individual speaks to a decent speculation. It additionally ingrained some trust in me that I could discover trustworthy borrowers on Bitbond, and would recover my speculation, together with an alluring +10% ROI.

So what do you have to think about Bitbond

The principal thing you see when you agree to accept Bitbond is the smooth and simple to explore interface. All the data you require is introduced in a clean, effectively absorbable way. Underneath, I have incorporated a screenshot of their loan postings page.

Bitbond Review and Loan Listings Page

Here you can see the sum asked for by the borrower, the nation of living arrangement, the interest rates, the credit rating, the terms and group of the loans.

This last point merits clarifying in somewhat more detail here. The group of the demand decides the base money of the loan. On the off chance that the loan is designated in dollars (green dollar sign in the CCY segment) all esteems are figured in USD. Subsequently, if the cost of bitcoin ought to change, the repayment esteem and the profits investors make will stay unaffected.

The best three loan postings are hued beige, and I have no clue why. The terms of the loan can run from a month and a half to 5 years.