Etherecash: Disrupting How We Spend, Lend, and Send via the Blockchain

2008 will dependably be recognized as the year the world stopped. Not due any unusual show in the sky, rather it was the day the worldwide financial market slammed prompting the financial emergency in 80 years. The following credit crunch injured the whole banking and venture area and tore directly through businesses depending on credits and advances to control their income. The retreat that wrapped the world in the wake of the crash was agonizing for most in spite of monstrous financial and fiscal jolts from government and private organizations. Etherecash can significantly improve transparency, security and reliability using Smart Contract technology which is lawyer backed, to provide peer to peer loans.

Etherecash ICO

Following the crash, the vast majority lost confidence in financial foundations, understanding that the framework was torpid, inflexible, extensive, and needs self-administration. This acknowledgment made ready for another type of loaning, distributed, a market assessed at $26 billion out of 2015 and anticipated to be worth more than $897 billion by 2024. Be that as it may, in spite of these development, the present shared loaning market can’t give financial consideration to all since it needs one significant component, Etherecash.

Etherecash is a Fintech start-up that expects to make a bringing together and secure stage for center financial administrations. By building these administrations on the foundation of the blockchain and securing administration connections with shrewd contracts, Etherecash expects to overcome any issues between those with access to funds and those without, dispensing with fringes, go-betweens, and partialities.

Right now, there are more than 2 billion unbanked individuals on the planet. Nonetheless, a greater part of these individuals approach cell phones and the web. Along these lines, by building up a financial framework that can be effectively worked off any cell phone, Etherecash is introducing new level of straightforwardness and worldwide access to banking administrations

Dissimilar to different offerings on the market, Etherecash has perceived the complexities associated with selling and spending cryptocurrencies. This is the reason the organization has built up an exclusive crypto charge card that straightforwardly enables clients to spend and send from their online whether on the web or in a store. Clients can safely send cash from anyplace on the planet to anybody in a split second with negligible exchange expenses, or credit cash utilizing the quality of their cryptoasset portfolio as guarantee. The crypto goes about as security, helping agents to alleviate hazard while extending individuals’ entrance to capital. For most crypto client, this is an invited improvement in loaning since they never again need to sell their portfolio to fund their endeavors and can undoubtedly recover it back by satisfying the terms of their savvy contract.


Etherecash’s central goal has been praised by the crypto group, bringing about an effective pre-ICO prior this month. Floated by this, the organization has reported their primary ICO following their support in the World Blockchain summit in Dubai.

The ICO is as of now live having propelled on November fifteenth, and closures on December nineteenth, 2017, Etherecash ICO is for the progressing advancement of the stage, biological systems, and first experience with the crypto banking circle. In view of the Ethereum ERC20 tokens guidelines, Etherecash tokens are available utilizing Bitcoin or Ethereum.

With a supply of 360,000,000 Tokens and an ICO supply of 144,000,000, early adopters are invited with a boosting ICO reward structure:

Primary ICO Bonus:

fifteenth November – 15%

Week One – 12%

Week Two – 10%

Week Three – 5%

Week Four – 3%

Week Five – 0%

About Etherecash

Etherecash plans to address the essential concerns and security issues of financial administrations through the reconciliation of blockchain innovation and legal counselor upheld shrewd contracts. By bringing together clients on a decentralized stage, Etherecash is ready to change the way cash is Lent, Spent, and Sent.

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Following a fruitful pre-ICO, Etherecash has declared an open ICO that propelled November fifteenth and will end December nineteenth. Concentrating on the 2.5 billion unbanked, Etherecash hopes to exceed expectations in both spending and sending, and giving a distributed loaning stage, to empower those with next to zero credit history the capacity to get to reserves.

The loaning business has seen a shelter since the financial emergency of 2008, yet a great part of the new business has moved into the online world. The accessibility of credit in the conventional market for people and SMEs isn’t what it was pre-2008, consequently making interest for web and versatile arrangements like The Lending Club, which was in charge of over $55 billion in new advances amid 2017. Morgan Stanley gauges that, comprehensively, P2P loaning could approach almost a large portion of a trillion dollars by 2020.

Execution of blockchain innovation will enable more individuals around the globe to get to stores when they require it, and the utilization of savvy contracts will guarantee that reimbursement is upheld. A client’s crypto portfolio will decide the amount one can demand to advance, as it fills in as insurance.

Moreover, blockchain innovation will help diminish the measure of monetary wrongdoing that at present happens inside the banking segment, which is because of the monstrous issue of trust inside the financial segment.

For instance, 57% of inside cheats are done by senior and center administration, as per the whitepaper. Issues, for example, resource misappropriation, cybercrime, illegal tax avoidance, bookkeeping extortion, and pay off make it hard to guarantee capital contributed is utilized appropriately.

The ICO deal will sell 144,000,000 tokens, which will help bolster continuous improvement of the stage and can be obtained with Bitcoin or Ethereum. A reward of 12% is accessible for members in the principal week, which goes to 3% in week four, lastly to 0% in week five.

The ICO has a delicate top of $15 million, which if not came to, will close the ICO as a disappointment with reserves came back to the separate speculators. The hard top is set at $100 million. 40% of assets will be utilized for additionally center improvement; 25% in development and marketing; 20% for legitimate, bookkeeping, and consultative bolsters; and the staying 15% for administrator and operational expenses. Q1 of 2018 will see promote extension of the group and also key specialists to additionally refine the arrangement of execution to accomplish points of reference. The second quarter of 2018 will see the creating of the stage.

Etherecash Aims to Change the Way We Lend, Send and Spend; Announces ICO

Financial incorporation has been touted as basic to decreasing world neediness and accomplishing comprehensive worldwide development. Be that as it may, more than 2 billion individuals remain unbanked in spite of advances to present day innovation. The reason for this issue can be credited to the complex and frequently draconic forms associated with securing advances.

A digitized installment framework have been touted as the most ideal arrangement. Financial administrations for the two people and organizations can help decrease wage disparity and quicken monetary development. Notwithstanding, there still can’t seem to be a widely inclusive answer for this issue as of not long ago.

Etherecash is set to disturb the financial business by changing three center financial administrations; loaning, sending, and spending. Etherecash essentially enhances straightforwardness, security and unwavering quality, giving shared advances through legal advisor upheld Smart Contracts on the blockchain.

The appropriation and coordination of blockchain innovation is realizing freshly discovered level of trust, straightforwardness and responsibility because of its disseminated and changeless nature – properties the financial administration area frantically needs especially after the financial emergency of 2008. The innovation is encouraging creative shared loaning and acquiring alternatives open from anyplace on the planet and at whenever.

By removing go betweens, Etherecash offers more aggressive terms, more noteworthy access and speedier endorsements to the over $55 billion yearly credit industry, which has been anticipated to reach $490 billion by 2020.

Loaning through a shared system manages market members with the one of a kind chance to contact a more extensive crowd of borrowers and moneylenders from various monetary foundations and financial needs, giving access to a more aggressive marketplace.

Based on the ethereum stage, Etherecash uses keen contracts to encourage customed exchanges in view of concurred terms. Exchanges are recorded on a carefully designed and irreversible decentralized, open record as per KYC and AML directions. The legal advisor supported keen contracts and blockchain innovation give add up to security, straightforwardness, moderateness, and accommodation for the clients of the multi-currency loaning stage.

Utilizing Etherecash, clients can loan, send and burn through cash on an all inclusive decentralized system. The stage brings taSet highlighted imagengibility and certifiable use for cryptocurrencies through the execution of a multi-cryptocurrency check card that not just let the clients store and spend their cryptocurrencies on the web or it stores, yet additionally pull back to their neighborhood current utilizing ATM.


So as to acquaint it administrations with the group, Etherecash will run an ICO battle. 360 million tokens (ECH) have been made of which 144 million tokens will be made accessible for the crowdsale occasion.

Pre-ICO Campaign is booked to begin on October 25th, 2017 and end by November seventh, 2017. Primary ICO crusade will initiate on November fifteenth, 2017 and wrap up by December nineteenth, 2017.

The ICO crusade has a delicate top focus of $15 million (35 million tokens) and a hard top of $100 million.

Meet the group

Etherecash originates from an exceedingly experienced group of blockchain specialists, with more than 50 years encounter between them. Together they have planned an environment that can possibly offer a superior future for billions of individuals over the globe.

Etherecash CEO Jacky Thanh

Etherecash CEO and Founder of Pro-Life Global, has more than 20 years of involvement in US Stock trade and more than 18 years of involvement.